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The Howler Alpine Slide provides the chance for the whole family to experience Steamboat’s most exciting summer attraction. Enjoy scenic views of downtown Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Resort as you ride a chairlift to the top of historic Howelsen Hill. Using a sled provided to you at the top of the lift, you are in control of your exhilarating ride as you wind down the track.

When are you open?
Please check our calendar, which lists the days and hours of operations.

Do I need a reservation?
No! Tickets are sold on site. Save time and sign the waiver before you arrive!

How much do tickets cost?

Please view our rates page.


What age can a child ride? 
No children under the age of two may ride on the slide. Young children may ride in their parent’s lap on a sled if the child is shorter than 48” tall. Children under 48” tall may also ride on their own sled if they feel ready, please ask our staff if you are uncertain which would be best. Children taller than 48” must ride their own sled.

Can more than one person ride a sled? 
Except in the case of an adult riding with a child who is shorter than 48”, each rider must use their own sled.

How do I get to the Alpine Slide?
We are just across the Yampa River from downtown Steamboat Springs in the Howelsen Hill Park complex next to the rodeo grounds and the Howelsen Hill Ski Area. From Lincoln Avenue (US Hwy 40) downtown, take 5th Street down the hill and across the river and train tracks. Turn right just after the tracks onto Howelsen Parkway. Then turn left at the stop sign by the tennis courts. Parking is available along this road, and you will see the yurt by the base of the chairlift where you purchase tickets. 
645 Howelsen Parkway, in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Can I watch my kids without a ticket?
Yes, you can watch from the bottom of the slide, or you can purchase a scenic chairlift ride ticket and go up the chairlift with them and then ride back down the chairlift. But we encourage you to try the slide, it’s fun for everyone!

Can I ride the chairlift without riding the slide?
Yes, there are tickets available for purchase for scenic chairlift rides. 

How fast does the Alpine Slide go?
You control the speed of your ride. The sled has a red handle that you grip with both hands. When you pull the handle back toward you, it applies the brakes on the sled and you will slow down. When you push the handle all the way forward, it raises the sled onto its wheels and you’ll feel the acceleration of our mountain track. It’s as easy as that!

How safe is the Alpine Slide?
It can be as safe as riding a bike! Simply sit in the sled, and use the handle to go faster or slower. Keep both hands on the handle at all times, and sit still on the sled as it rides the track to the bottom. Our staff will hold you at the start of the slide so that you have lots of clear track ahead, but it is important to always look ahead and if you catch up to the rider in front, keep at least 15 feet between you and the other rider. Though very rare, it is possible to tip the sled in the track, usually as a result of leaning in the sled or riding aggressively.

Do I have to sign anything?
We do require that everyone sign a liability release waiver. A parent/guardian is required to sign for anyone under 18. You may sign the online waiver before you arrive.

Is the Alpine Slide OPEN rain or shine?

The alpine slide may close at any time due to rain, wind, or lightning. If thunderstorms are in the area, even if it is not raining, the chairlift will close. It’s a good idea to check the weather before coming to the alpine slide. Usually, our summer showers move through pretty quickly, and the slide generally can open back up around 30 minutes after a storm passes through.

Is there a weight limit on the alpine slide?

There is not a weight limit, but our guests weighing 220 pounds or more may have a difficult time maintaining their momentum on two sections of the track that are relatively flat due to the friction of the sled on the track. Ask our attendants for tips to help maintain your speed, or choose the scenic chairlift ride and enjoy the views.


Do I need to wear special clothing?

Dress in normal summer clothing according to the weather, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Hats and ball caps can fly off and are not recommended

How do I get up the hill?
You effortlessly ride up the hill on a chair lift. The ride up is included in the price of your Alpine Slide ticket if you are riding the slide.


With the scenic chairlift ride, what is there to do at the top?  

Enjoy the panoramic view of the Yampa Valley and Steamboat Ski Resort. You can access the hiking trails on the Emerald Mountain trail system, and return after a hike to ride the chairlift back down. (NOTE: must arrive back to the top of the chair at least 15 minutes before the lift closes. Chairlift closes when rain and/or lightning is in the area.)


What trails can I ride on my mountain bike from the top?

The Emerald Mountain trail system has over 24 miles of great trails with some of the best single track in the Steamboat area. The chairlift whisks you and your bike up to the top of lower NPR and gives easy access to the middle and upper trails on the trail system. Check out the Interactive map link here.  

Download the PDF Trail Map Here

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