The Howler Alpine Slide - FAQ’s

The Howler Alpine Slide provides the chance for the whole family to experience Steamboat’s most exciting summer attraction. Enjoy scenic views of downtown Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Resort as you ride a chairlift to the top of historic Howelsen Hill. Using a sled provided to you at the top of the lift, you are in control of your exhilarating ride as you wind down the track.

When are you open?
Please check our calendar, which lists the days and hours of operations.

Do I need a reservation?
No! Tickets are sold on site. You can sign the waiver before you arrive though!

How much do tickets cost?

Please view our rates page.


What age can a child ride? 
Children 2 – 6 years old must ride with an adult. Ages 7 and up can ride in the sled by themselves.

Can more than one person ride a sled? 
No, except for children ages 2 – 6.

Where do I go?
645 Howelsen Parkway, in downtown Steamboat Springs. If you are driving here, turn off Lincoln Ave in downtown Steamboat on 5th Street to cross the Yampa River. Turn right after the river and railroad tracks on Howelsen Parkway. Turn left at the stop sign. Purchase your tickets and sign a liability release waiver at the yurt (the round tent building), then you can ride the lift up.

Can I watch my kids without a ticket?
Yes, there are some picnic tables and shady areas at the bottom of the slide.

Can I ride the chairlift without riding the slide?
Yes, there are tickets available for purchase for scenic chairlift rides. 

How fast does the Alpine Slide go?
You are in control of your speed. Keep both hands on the red handle and you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

How safe is the Alpine Slide?
It is just as safe as riding a bike. For safety purposes we ask you to only start after the Alpine Slide employee informs you when it is time to go. Exit the track at the end in a timely manner so the person behind you does not collide with you.

Do I have to sign anything?
We do require that everyone sign a liability release waiver. A parent/guardian is required to sign for anyone under 18. You may sign the digital waiver before you arrive.

How do I get up the hill?
You effortlessly ride up the hill on a chair lift. The ride up is included in the price of your Alpine Slide ticket if you are riding the slide.

Do I need to wear special clothing?
Dress in normal summer clothing according to the weather, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Hats and ball caps can fly off and are not recommended